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Additional information

Who can be a mentor?


  1. Person, 12 years of age or older;
  2. Knowledge of languages ​​or school subjects;
  3. The desire to help children as they really need it now.
  4. Ability to plan and organize lessons and homework in advance.
  5. Ability to listen to the student and provide feedback.



  1. An absence of documentary proof of identity during the registration.
  2. An absence of documentary evidence of qualification.  
    *We trust our volunteers and their good intentions.



  1. To help children to continue studying.
  2. To share knowledge and experience at a time convenient for you and with a comfortable regularity.



  1. According to the motivation system.
  2. An opportunity to acquire the necessary professional and life experience of mentoring.
  3. Certificate of a volunteer which is required for admission to a university.
  4. Thanks from thousands of children for good deeds.