Let's shake hands

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Lepsky Ivan,15 y.o.
Let's Shake Hands initiator. Accompanies the project and participates in testing Let's Shake Hands products and shaping the children's view.
Baldina Svetlana
Lawyer and co-initiator of the project. Provides organizational support.
Dmytro Golovatskyy
Co-initiator of the project. Manages the technical side of the project.
Timofey Gerasimov, 16 y.o.
Test group participant. Helps accompany the project and shapes the children's view.
Yuri Gorbachev
Developer. Develops Telegram Bot and mobile app.
Artem Daniliants
Head of Marketing. Manages the marketing side of the project.
Anastasiia Lytvynenko
Marketing Manager. Coordinates marketing team actions and is responsible for the promotion strategy and its implementation.
Roman Slobodzianyk
PPC specialist. Promotes Let's Shake Hands and attracts new mentors and students.
Marina Rudaya
Web-designer. Creates mobile app design and deals with other visualization stuff (certificates, vouchers, brochures, etc.).
Fadieiev Dmytro
Project Manager. Manages mobile app development and product roadmap
Vira Grytsai
Project manager. Coordinates team actions and is responsible for achieving project goals.